Four-Way Shuttle

Four way radio shuttle system is automated high-density storage and retrieval system for the handling of palletized goods. It's an optimal solution for the storage of goods with mass quantity and small SKU, widely used in the industry of food&beverage, chemical, third party logistics etc.

Products Details

Huaruide four-way shuttle is able to move in 4 directions on the storage lanes and main lanes. In this way the shuttle can change lanes without operation of forklift, greatly save labor cost and improve warehousing efficiency. Huaruide four way radio shuttle system usually consists of racking system, radio shuttle, lift, conveyor and WMS/WCS system. Conveyor line is placed in front of racking system for picking and receiving of pallets. Lift will transport radio shuttle and pallets from ground to different layers. With instruction of WMS/WCS system, radio shuttle is able to automatically pick and deliver pallets to appointed position inside racks, which could realize automatic storage and retrieval of goods in warehouse.• Greatly increase storage capacity, which is 3-4 times large than traditional racking system. • Cost effective and time-saving, reduce land and labor cost • Fully automatic, low level of risks or damage to the equipment and operator. • Self-designed WMS/WCS system to well match shuttle system. • Available to meet various storage capacity demand with adjustment of shuttle quantity.
Item Parameter Remark
Size L*W*H 1100L*980W*150Hmm 1200W*1000D Pallet
1200L*980W*150Hmm 1200W*1100D Pallet
1300L*980W*150Hmm 1200W*1200D Pallet
Characteristic Four-Way Travelling, intelligent control
Load Capacity 1500kg
Weight 400kg
Lifting Stroke 40mm
Travelling Driving Motor
Braking Model Power-cut Braking(Servo)
Driving Motor DC48 V
Travelling Motor Power 1.2kw
Lifting Motor Power 0.75kw
Positioning ±2mm
Autonomous Obstacle Avoidance Dispatch, Photoelectric Sensor, Distance Monitor(Optional)
Travelling Acceleration 0.3m/S2
Travelling Speed( Empty) 1.5m/s
Travelling Speed(Full) 1.2m/s
Aisle Change Period ≤5s
Lifting Period ≤5s
Communication WIFI
Power Supply Battery
Charging Method Manual/Automatic
Battery Capacity 48V 36AH/45AH/60AH 1000D/1100D/1200D Pallet
Charging Period 1.5H~2H
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Recharging Cycle Over 2000 time(100% Charging)
Battery Life Over 2 years
Daily Working 8 hours
Position Laser
Driving Motor Servo Motor
Operation Method Online/Single/Manual/Manintanence
Protection Abnormal temperature alarm/collision protection
Color Red/white Customized
Electron Component Supplier Remark
PLC Schneider
I/O Module Schneider
Switch Power MeanWell
Air Switch, Contactor Schneider
Sensor P+F/Panasonic
Indicator light, switch button Schneider
Wifi Client MOXA
Site Operation Terminal Schneider  Optionals
• Four way travelling, and then it can fulfill 6 direction movement, front-back, left-right, up-down movement, cooperating with lift. • Four way shuttle can reach any place of warehouse (or other transportation site) according to customer's demand, make maximum use of storage space of warehouse, suitable for special type warehouse. Cooperating with lift, it can reach any height required by the customer. • The small size of four way shuttle lower every layers height, make the full utilization rate of warehouse space. • All equipment products and control components in the shuttle are standard, mature and reliable product accessories. The control system adopts simple and stable control components, uses specific algorithms, and combines the simple and solid mechanical structure of the shuttle itself to achieve stable, accurate, fast and reliable operation.Four way shuttle can move in 4 directions, which means it is more flexible, allowing to make more storage strategy. Multi shuttles can work on the same under the communication technology to fulfill any required throughput in the peaking period. Due to the WMS system, the order can be done with 100% accuracy with high speed, avoid the mistakes caused by manual operation.

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